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Here you will find lovely natural and organic skin care.  These beautiful products are hand crafted in Hot Springs Arkansas. 

Ghoul B. Gone

Unwanted energies bothering you?                                                     Try Ghoul B Gone.

Spa City Healing

Come visit the Spa City, and see why they call us a little Sedona. 

Spa City Scents

My personal line of magnificently scented charcoal incense. 

Kimberli's Store on Ebay

Do you have questions about becoming a massage therapist or about receiving a massage?  Look at the forum Ask A Massage Therapist.

Studying for your massage boards?  Download the app! Massage Exam Prep.

Healing Talks

I give lectures on different healing topics.  Join me on Stageit,

see how you can learn to heal yourself and heal others.

Peace Meditations and Talk

Interesting interviews as well as free meditations.  The Peacemeds.com archive can be found here.

The new peacemeds site with essence of abundance game can be found here.

The podcast can be found here.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing DVD

Understanding Toxicity DVD

Learn how to remove Self Sabotaging Wernicke's Commands from yourself and others.  Classes being held by request. 


Speaking Engagements.

I have spoken at many conferences as well educational venues, and athletics.  Kimberli's motivational style is very unique.  Your will feel the shift in your mindset as one can no longer deny the power, love, light and forgiveness that lies within them.

I also work with people in smaller groups for educational and healing purposes. 

Kimberli is an Ordained Minister in the church of Divine Intervention.  She also has a Doctorate in Natural Health from Kingdom College of Natural Health.  She is certified by the church to do exorcisms and has done many as well as energetic clearings.  She has studied with Starr Fuentes, the Maori Healers, Linda Ogg, Stephanie Relfe and Marudi.  She is also certified in Reconnective Healing levels 1 and 2, Eastern Medicine, Herbology, Aromatherapy,  Polarity Therapy, Wernicke's Command Removal and Lymphatic Drainage.  A massage therapist for a hockey team, football team and professional athletes for over a decade, as well as a massage therapist in private practice for over 20 years.

Into the Paranormal?  Wanna hear some REAL ghost stories?  Get a psychic reading?  Try your hand at a ghost hunt?


Dr Kimberli has a Doctorate in Natural Health. She makes no claims, promises or guarantees regarding your results. Her advice and products do not take the place of your medical professional and are intended help educate you on healthy alternatives to assist you in improving your health. Her products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition or disease. All products are made by Dreamwalker, LLC, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

What is Ghoul B Gone?

Mind Control - What is it and how to resist.  This is a speech given at Haunted Springs which is a very abbreviated version of the one given at the Angels and Aliens Conference in Ohio 2014. 

This is part 1 of 4.